Deutsche Saatveredelung AG

Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV) is a traditional, medium-sized seed company with its headquarters in Lippstadt. First and foremost, we are plant breeders for agricultural seeds such as oilseed rape, cereals, catch crops and grasses. For almost 100 years we have been working to develop healthy and resilient varieties for animal feed and human nutrition. In addition to breeding, we also operate a complex seed production, process it and are ultimately also active in wholesale as a distribution company. In this way, we have developed a great deal of expertise on the subject of seeds over the decades and are also active in advising farmers. DSV has grown internationally and is now represented in many countries with its own subsidiaries. We trade our seeds worldwide. 

And why then lawn grasses?

Two trends in grass breeding emerged about 80 years ago. Forage and lawn grass breeding. Two completely different goals. When it comes to feeding, grass must primarily grow as quickly as possible and taste good to the animals. When breeding lawn grass, you don't want to mow so much, so the breeding goals are different here: slow growth, a dense turf, a beautiful colour, delicacy and frugality play a major role here. Our lawn grass varieties are at the top of the checklists in Europe and well known in the trade. Under the EuroGrass brand, we have been marketing excellent mixtures for professional green roofs for 20 years. These include sports fields, racetracks, football stadiums, roadside greens and golf courses.